Door Games
forhonour-cA BBS door game inspired by L.o.R.DAndrew Pamment45 hours
galactic-dynastyAn InterBBS door game inspired by S.R.EAndrew Pamment45 hours
magislotsA 3 reel slot machine gameAndrew Pamment7 months
mastermindDoor game inspired by the classic game MastermindAndrew Pamment7 months
oregonPort of the BASIC classic Oregon TrailAndrew Pamment7 months
portvictoriaA sea faring trading game.Andrew Pamment7 months
seabattleBattleship door gameAndrew Pamment7 months
sudokuSudoku BBS door gameAndrew Pamment7 months
MagickaBBS Related
MagiChatClientA QT based client for MagiChatAndrew Pamment7 months
MagiSpyA QT base client to read MQTT messages from MagickaBBSAndrew Pamment7 months
MagiTermAn SSH only BBS clientAndrew Pamment6 months
MagickaBBSA BBS System for Linux/BSDAndrew Pamment40 hours
MagickaScriptsLUA Scripts for Magicka BBSAndrew Pamment5 weeks
MagickaThemesANSI Themes for Magicka BBSAndrew Pamment7 months
magieditFork of magiedit with experimental spell checkingAndrew Pamment7 months
TitanA C++ BBS system for Windows / Linux (Req C++17)Andrew Pamment9 hours