BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
maginetMerge pull request #21 from MagickaBBS/v0.11-alphaAndrew Pamment9 months
masterfix netmailAndrew Pamment46 hours
msglibremove debuggingAndrew Pamment9 weeks
nntpservforgot to saveAndrew Pamment12 months
v0.10-patchupdate dosbox shimAndrew Pamment8 months
v0.11-alphaRedraw BBS List after abortingAndrew Pamment5 months
v0.8-alphacommit 3f1f8f9749...Andrew Pamment13 months
v0.7-alphacommit 01b7ad9481...Andrew Pamment17 months
v0.6-alphacommit ca5f4cb4c6...Andrew Pamment23 months
v0.5-alphacommit 12f874c015...Andrew Pamment2 years
0.4-alphacommit d3fb9ca1e5...Andrew Pamment2 years
v0.3-alphacommit ddd874c4b8...Andrew Pamment3 years
v0.2-alpha1commit 58cb629197...Andrew Pamment3 years
v0.1-alpha2commit 1e5b59da00...Andrew Pamment3 years
v0.1-alphacommit 90986ffbe9...Andrew Pamment3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
46 hoursfix netmailHEADmasterAndrew Pamment
6 daysDestaddr and Origaddr mixed upAndrew Pamment
6 daysFix typoAndrew Pamment
6 daysBetter fixAndrew Pamment
6 daysFix for marking all messages as readAndrew Pamment
7 daysMake jam msglib a little more fault tolerantAndrew Pamment
2019-01-05add area jump to file sub/dirsAndrew Pamment
2019-01-04Fix some memory leaks and off by one new mail scanAndrew Pamment
2019-01-01add select by number to mailAndrew Pamment
2018-12-24fix personal scan with sq3 basesAndrew Pamment