AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
40 hoursFix for missing doors.HEADmasterAndrew Pamment
13 daysFix netmail with bluewaveAndrew Pamment
2019-03-02Fix a bug I commited by accidentAndrew Pamment
2019-03-02Forgot return statementAndrew Pamment
2019-03-02fix another bugAndrew Pamment
2019-03-02Fix bugAndrew Pamment
2019-03-02Attempt to speed up new message checkingAndrew Pamment
2019-02-28Started work on TicProc2Andrew Pamment
2019-02-26Fix some bugs in seenbysAndrew Pamment
2019-02-25Fix memory leakAndrew Pamment
2019-02-25Experimental viewing of seenbysAndrew Pamment
2019-02-19Think i've fixed the message scan problemsAndrew Pamment
2019-02-18Fix mgpost for local message basesAndrew Pamment
2019-02-17Update mgpost for SQ3 message basesAndrew Pamment
2019-02-14fix netmailAndrew Pamment
2019-02-10Destaddr and Origaddr mixed upAndrew Pamment
2019-02-09Fix typoAndrew Pamment
2019-02-09Better fixAndrew Pamment
2019-02-09Fix for marking all messages as readAndrew Pamment
2019-02-09Make jam msglib a little more fault tolerantAndrew Pamment
2019-01-05add area jump to file sub/dirsAndrew Pamment
2019-01-04Fix some memory leaks and off by one new mail scanAndrew Pamment
2019-01-01add select by number to mailAndrew Pamment
2018-12-24fix personal scan with sq3 basesAndrew Pamment
2018-12-22Fix email on web sideAndrew Pamment
2018-12-21safe_atoi in qwknetAndrew Pamment
2018-12-21fix for qwk replyidsAndrew Pamment
2018-12-21Fixes for bluewave and qwk reply idsAndrew Pamment
2018-12-21Possibly fix qwk timeAndrew Pamment
2018-12-21unbreak wwwAndrew Pamment
2018-12-21Update qwknetAndrew Pamment
2018-12-21Added deleting of messages in magimaint for sq3 message basesAndrew Pamment
2018-12-20Maybe fix vorlon's BugAndrew Pamment
2018-12-20remove bug from magimailAndrew Pamment
2018-12-20Add link back to area on sent msg pageAndrew Pamment
2018-12-20fix bug reported by satchmoAndrew Pamment
2018-12-19Missed a spotAndrew Pamment
2018-12-19Make colours configurableAndrew Pamment
2018-12-19still working on replyidsAndrew Pamment
2018-12-19Testing a fix for replyidsAndrew Pamment
2018-12-18Merge branch 'msglib'Andrew Pamment
2018-12-18remove debuggingmsglibAndrew Pamment
2018-12-18fix qwk indexsAndrew Pamment
2018-12-18Initialize attribs...Andrew Pamment
2018-12-18fix extensionAndrew Pamment
2018-12-18sqlite3 message bases in magmail (experimental)Andrew Pamment
2018-12-17fix for coloured taglinesAndrew Pamment
2018-12-17Sqlite3 Message BasesAndrew Pamment
2018-12-17coloured quotes and taglinesAndrew Pamment
2018-12-16remove error warningAndrew Pamment